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My guilty fashion conscience, or the tale of how this blog was born…

I am obsessed with clothes.

I love them. I love pouring over them in magazines, hunting through markets and second hand shops for them, putting them together, taking them apart, re-working them, accessorising them, dressing them up, dressing them down.

I suppose it’s a pretty shallow hobby to have, obsessing over what I’m wearing and what I look like. But every one of us has a relationship with clothes of some kind, often a a very complicated one. Each time we step out the door we’re choosing to say something to the world through what we’re wearing. And besides, clothes are fun! Dressing yourself is creative – it’s like playtime, like being a kid again.

The issue that concerns me with my clothes obsession is its ethical implications. In these credit-crunched times, us recessionistas will inevitably be cutting back on the pricier brands and turning our eye to bargain fashion. Women’s magazines are featuring ‘credit crunch fashion’ specials packed with garments costing little more than a packet of crisps. But who’s made those Primark dresses which are so easy to pull of the rails without a second thought? And where do these dresses go when they inevitably start falling apart or out of fashion – on a landfill site most probably. We could always buy second hand or make and customise our own clothes but let’s face it, most of us don’t have the spare time to always do this. And when you know you can get that must-have item on the high street for only a couple of quid more than it’ll cost you to make it at home, then why bother?

So this is my aim: to blog on DIY, environmentally friendly fashion that doesn’t compromise on affordability, convinience, and – most importantly – style. I’ll be alerting you to ethical labels and boutiques that aren’t full of hesian sacks, passing on customising tips and DIY skills, as well as the normal trend-spotting and commenting.

And in an attempt to soothe both my recession-bitten purse and my ethical conscience, I am challenging myself to survive on NO new clothes – only ones I have made myself or re-worked second hand ones, the results of which I shall be sharing for your viewing pleasure. Wish me luck and follow my blog!


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