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ShopStyle: Google of the fashion world?

Jemima Kiss blogged yesterday at The Guardian on ShopStyle and its plans to become a one-stop online shopping mecca.

It will enable users to browse all clothes and accessories avalable online, read reviews and even save items in a StyleBook scrapbook to plan and put outfits together. Anyone who used to watch Cher in Clueless computer co-ordinating her clothes in open-mouthed awe will surely find the last idea pretty exciting!

I remain sceptical about ShopStyle, though, for the simple fact that the company is paid commission by retailers. Google retains its popularity because it puts the user first and is transparent about the way it operates and makes money. Will ShopStyle do the same?

I would like to know a little more about how ethically it treats its users. For example, will it offer a true ‘whole of market’ search? Or only the parts of the market that have agreed to pay them commission? As yet I can’t find any statement on the site to explain this, and until they do I wouldn’t recommend it as your only port of call.

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