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Primark’s ‘ethics’ unclothed

Hello there…. Sorry for my absence but  I was sucked into a ferocious whirlpool of essays, exams and deadlines. Anyway  I have now escaped,  and am back (reasonably) unscathed and  (almost) in one piece.

I’m guessing you’ve heard by now about Primark suppliers employing illegal workers for £3.50 an hour.

Primark issued their own response, claiming to be “absolutely committed to ensuring that the factories who sell to us treat their workers fairly and equitably”, but really, who is going to believe them now? We’ve already had the child sweatshops in India, and now this.

But hypnotised shoppers wizz around the store, high on the promise of 20 T-Shirts for a tenner,  those low low prices a kind of ecstasy for the soul. People are even campaigning on facebook for stores to open in their hometowns. And as long as this continues Primark’s ‘ethics’ will not change.  The only language they speak in is money and as long as they’re making it things will stay the same.

We need to make people stop shopping there. So for those who don’t care about sweated labour (“is that what you call Gordon Brown in the gym?”),  here is my definitive list of the other reasons why Primark is officially SHIT.

1. The clothes are badly made and will just fall apart, probably when you’re on a hot date. Just imagine, the entire crotch of your skinny jeans gives way and he can see you’re between waxes and have a massive spot on your arse.

2. The stores are a complete mess. Stripey blouses lie in piles, prom dresses dangle from ceiling lights, you wade through a sea of crappy knickers and broken belts just to scrape a finger on that trench coat you’ve been eyeing. One of these days you will trip and fall head first into the landfill site of clothes never to emerge again, lost forever somewhere between last year’s chunky knits and 2005’s peasant skirts.

3. The stores also smell. Really badly. Walk in there, suck it up your nostrils, then walk out.

4. Primark Oxford Circus at midday on a saturday turns people into murderous, bloodthirsty sub-human beings with red eyes and frothing mouths. It even inspired a film, 28 days later, which is actually quite good and wasn’t made in a sweatshop.

5. Most of the clothes are actually really horrible.


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  1. Hi, really interested in your comments here, agreed with everything you said really 🙂 I’d be glad to see the back of Primark on the British High Street. If you’re interested, I have a Facebook group, calling for boycotts of Primark and H&M, please have a look and join if at all possible.

    S x

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