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Learning to knit

I’ve made it my mission to master the craft of knitting. Plenty of people have been raving to me about what a great stress-buster and creative outlet it is, and like the idea being able to make stuff whilst watching TV or sitting on the train – bit difficult to do that with a sewing machine. And it’s sustainable – make something from scratch, grow bored of it, unpick it, knit it into something new…

I’m not sure if I have the patience to create those elaborate project pieces women spend months working on – not when I’m used to running things up on the sewing machine in five minutes. But I quite fancy making lots of little trinkets like these, and stringing them around my room like bunting.

Knitting for a hobby is as cheap or expensive as you want it to be – you can splash out on luxury wools, or you could unpick old charity shop jumpers and re-knit them into fabulous new creations.

There’s heaps of knitting clubs out there too – most famously, the global phenomenon that is stich’n’bitch groups. We have one in Cardiff, but instead I’ve been going to a local club called yarn’n’yarn as the attendees are younger and the knitting they embark on less complicated! Have a look-out for different groups in your area as they might not all be to your tastes.

The first thing you’ll need to learn is how to cast-on, i.e. actually get the wool on to the damn needle. If you want to master the basics before joining a club, or just want to learn at home, there are some great tutorial videos on YouTube. I particulalry like this casting-on video, although the sound is a little odd at the beginning.

The user also has a good ‘basic stitch’ video:

Who knows, perfect the art and you could one day be creating statements like this:

(First photo from glittyknittykitty, shared under a creative commons licence. Second photo by Marianne Jørgensen.)



  1. amy

    Great blog site Jessica, and thanks for mentioning us!
    Anyone who fancies coming along, we meet in a couple of locations in Cardiff every other Tuesday evening, details in the link below. There’s plenty of people who can help you learn to knit, crochet, sew etc!! Let’s get crafty!

  2. jessicafmbateman

    Ahhhh thank you, it’s so cool to know people like what I’m doing! I just wish I had more time to update more often! 😦

    If you wnat to put a YouTube video on wordpress, look to the right hand side of the video when it’s on YouTube and there should be two little boxes, one saying ‘URL’ with a web address on it, and the other saying ‘Embed’ with some HTML code. Just C+P the code from that box into the blog post 🙂 hope that makes sense!

    Do you have a blog I can link to? x

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