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2009’s oddest trend: Ermm, have you forgotten something?

I think we’d all agree we’ve seen some, well, ‘interesting’ trends this year. First there was the return of the crop top, causing everyone whose 2009 stomach doesn’t quite resemble their 1996 one to breathe in pretty sharply. Then there was the shoulder pad – bigger, spikier and pointier than the Dynasty costume department could have possibly ever envisioned. But the weirdest one I’ve spotted has to be  the bizarre penchant some girls in East London have developed for just popping on their tights, shoes and top before waltzing out the door leaving their skirts hanging in the wardrobe.

I could blame this strange state of affairs on Lady GaGa and Beyonce – two ladies spotted prancing about in their knickers on a regular basis. But this trend doesn’t really resemble the leotard/ swimsuit look pioneered by these renowned garment-avoiders in their MTV-friendly videos. It’s less sexy for one – the east London tights-no-skirt (ELTNS) look is never done with a skimpy top and heels. Instead, it’s all about your boyfriend’s  T-Shirt (almost over-sized to near-dress proportions, but not quite – flash that gusset, ladies) and those DMs you’ve had lurking around since the days when you wore a tartan skirt and dyed your hair that weird shade of purplely-red.

Maybe the grunginess of ELTNS suggests we should point the finger at Alice Dellal. But I’m sure she’s never been papped in just her undies, so I’ll leave her out of this.

Instead, I’m going to make exactly the same conclusion that every single social commentator has made about just about everything this year: it’s cos of the recession, innit. We’re so poor we can’t afford to buy a new skirt, so we’re just going without instead. Well, if it’s a choice between booze or clothes, what would you pick? In fact, I really can’t think of a cheaper outfit – nick your boyfriend’s/ housemate’s/ brother’s/ dad’s/ a random tramp’s t-shirt and shirt, put on your pound shop tights, throw on the trainers/ boots you’ve had forever and away you go. Tough clothes for tough times.


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