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My Challenge: An, ermmm, ‘intimate’ problem encountered…

I need new underwear.

I’m not sure how, but I always manage to lose my knickers. My underwear drawer is seemingly ever-shrinking. I don’t know where those things disappear to –  are they down the side of the bed, at the back of the washing machine, blown off the garden washing line or scrumpled up on some boy’s floor? Or maybe I have a knicker burglar visiting me – who knows. But I basically have a drawer full of rather folorn-looking bras, garements which were once part of a perfectly-matched set and are now left all on their lonesome. Poor little bras.

But buying second hand knickers is kind of, well, gross. I know they may have been washed, and that you can’t catch AIDs or get pregnant by wearing someone else’s knickers – no matter what Gemma told you that time in the changing rooms after P.E. – but it’s still not a pleasant thought. Especially when they once belonged to a total stranger – who knows what kind of unwashed, scabies-infected, puz-oozing vagina could have once been rubbing aganist them?

So what do I do? Make an exception and change my rules? Or just go commando? But would all the power used during the extra washing loads my lack of underwear would entail cancel out any eco benfits of not purchasing new smalls?! Arghhhh! I can’t handle it!

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