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My Challenge: The Good, The Bad and The Sparkly…

I’m now one month into my living-without-new-things challenge and it’s been surprisingly easy so far. This may just be because I own so much crap in the first place, but anyway, I thought I’d give you a lowdown on the highs and lows so far…..


My black jacket was found scrumpled up in the bottom of my ex-boyfriend’s wardrobe. Many hours in charity shops hence saved.

I am currently living in the London neighbourhood with the highest saturation of charity shops, ever. Extra time spent hunting through the rails is more than compensated by time saved not having to tube it to Oxford Street.

I have browsed through Topshop a few times and appear to be developing a willpower of the gods when it comes to pretty things. If only I could apply it to chocolate too…

THE BAD (and the sparkly):

That willpower of the gods is facing a huge test. I really want a pair of these.


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