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Could you wear the same dress for a month?


Forgive me for being a little late with this one, but I’ve just stumbled across this article in the Daily Mail, in which Maureen Rice, the editor of Psychologies, challenges herself to wear the same dress every day for a month (with a bit of help from a four-hour dry cleaning salon). Now I usually try and stay away from the stuff the Hate Mail’s ‘Femail’ section churns out – it always seems to be full of stories like ‘I thought I could have a career and a family at once but I realised I was WRONG, EVIL and am DAMAGING MY CHILDREN’, or ‘I was raped, but it was probably my fault because I enjoy drinking alcohol.’ But this thoughtful, intelligent piece really surprised me – I definitely recommend taking five minutes to read this article – she makes some really smart points about our relationship with clothes, how what we wear effects how we see ourselves, and just how much we’ve been brainwashed by the fast fashion cult.

Some of the comments are interesting too. One woman has a story of how her Grandmother, in the 1930s, would wear the same top or dress but with different detachable collars to make them look different. This approach to clothes is something we could really do with adopting a little more in the west.


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  1. A really interesting read! If I wear the same outfit twice in one week I feel paranoid that someone will notice, but learning how to adapt, show off and mix and match items is the key to making the most of your wardrobe!

    Great blog as well!


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