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We’re all domestic extremists now…

In case you missed it, the internet has been awash the past few days with discussions about how the police have kindly deicided to label anyone attending protests or political meetings domestic extremists and are busy putting together all the pictures they’ve managed to snap of them into a lovely giant collage. Costing £9 million.

Overspending on useless projects at a time when huge cuts are being made in public services and the general threat to democracy and free speech aside, I’m interested to know exactly who this term applies to. Are the Michael Jackson fans protesting about his portrayal in a new film ‘Domestic Extremists’ too? Or the football fans unhappy about Americans buying their clubs? What about those brave old souls united in the noble fight against that cause of suffering and injustice, the, errrr, wheelie bin? Domestic extremists, the lot of them.

On a lighter note, here’s a nice picture of a bunch of Domestic Extremists gathered under the London Eye at the weekend as part of the 350 campaign aganist climate change. The Guardian has a great gallery of Domestic Extremists the world over partaking in other 350 events.



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