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Venue magazine announces closure

Venue magazine, Bristol and Bath’s long-running arts, entertainment and listings title, announced today that it is to cease publication.

Editor Joe Spurgeon broke the news on his Twitter page earlier today and users of the site soon went in to mourning, even launching a ‘save Venue’ campaign calling for a financial lifeline.

But even though the magazine has consistently provided irreverent, informative and entertaining coverage and commentary on the area’s cultural landscape, it’s difficult to see what it can offer readers over the freedom and immediacy of the net.

The title’s main selling point for readers is its extensive event listings, a service which has been conquered by social media. It’s near impossible to convince people to walk to their newsagent and part with money for information that is available to them at their fingertips for free.

Unless local listings titles can offer a new, unique user benefit then it’s difficult to see what place they hold in the media landscape other than to feed nostaligia. And no amount of hashtags and re-tweets can change that.

UPDATE: Venue has been saved, and will back on the streets of Bristol as a free monthly title! Will it survive in it’s new form? Let’s hope so…

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  1. John

    £1.50 as you say for something that can be easily obtained on the internet or in one of the many free newspapers/magazines such as Crack/Trap/24-7/Clifton Life/Suit Yourself/V8 was never a business model that was going to survive.

    The last time I picked up Venue magazine there was an review of a gig I went to, there was a pretty awful photograph of the support act instead of the main act, and no mention of the support act in the write up. Pretty lazy Journalism.

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