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Happy new year! Some resolutions for 2012

Happy new year everyone! How was your festive period? Mine was filled with roast dinners, smoked salmon, cheese boards, prosecco, mulled cider, country walks, cosy pubs, friends, family and lots of celebrating.

So now it’s all over, and everyone’s finally recovered from New Year’s Eve excesses (I admit, it did take me a few days), it seems everyone in blogland is listing their resolutions for 2012.

Now, I used to be really anti new year resolutions – probably because I never managed to keep them, so just gave up making them. I also don’t like all the resolution-related magazine headlines telling you you’re a MASSIVE FATTY and need to ‘Lose those extra xmas pounds!’ or ‘Tone up that belly!’ By all means be healthier and fitter, but don’t let it turn into a massive exercise in self-loathing.

But this year I’m actually going to give it a go. I’m going to see the new year as an opportunity to kick into place some changes that I wanted to make in my life anyway. So, ladies and gentlemen, my aim for 2012 is (drum roll please)…

To nurture my creativity and expand my intake of culture

Ok, I know that sounds kind of general, not very specific and possibly a bit wanky. But to help me along my way I’ve broken it down into several easier, more bite-sized tasks, which should all help me achieve the overall goal.

  • Read more. Starting with reading a book on the train, rather than dossing around on Twitter on my phone.
  • Improve my photography skills. The boyfriend’s shiny new DSLR should hopefully help with this.
  • Start doing more creative writing. Join a creative writing group, and perhaps even organise that spoken word night that I’ve been thinking about starting for ages.
  • Soak up one piece of culture a week, whether it’s a theatre visit, a trip to a gallery, a spoken word night or simply ordering an arty film to watch on LoveFilm.
  • Improve my dressmaking skills – it would be great to be able to make my fantasy 1950’s fitted-waist-puffy-out-skirt dress by Christmas.
  • Watch less TV. Hopefully once this one is cracked, all of the above should become just that little bit easier.

It sounds like a lot, but when you consider I’ve got an entire year to fit all this into, rather than trying to cram it all into January, it seems a little more achievable, don’t you think? What are your new year resolutions?

‘Do what you love’ poster by Andy J Miller, part of the Advice To Sink In Slowly project

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