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An easy homemade gift idea, plus some interiors inspiration

I know Christmas was blimmin’ ages ago (well, it certainly feels like it, sat at my desk) but I thought I’d share this mega-easy gift I made for a few of my nearest and dearest. It would make a great, cheap birthday pressie as well, if you’ve got any coming up. Sorry for the bad quality photos, by the way – I only had my phone with me!

I put my new embroidery skills to good use and made some personalised drawstring bags, which I filled with fudge and sweets. I deliberately didn’t make them Christmas-themed, and went for bright clashing colours instead, because how annoying is it when someone gives you a Christmas-themed gift? Great, I can’t use it for a whole 11 months!

If you’re not very confident with your sewing skills then don’t worry because drawstring bags are pretty much the easiest thing you could possibly make. These beauties took me under an hour each, including the embroidery. There’s a good selection of tutorials here.

I also spotted some interesting interiors ideas while on my yuletide travels. This first one was found in a cafe in Crouch End, London – a wall decorated in old sheets of music paper. It would look lovely on one section of a room, with the rest of the walls plain – a nice little twist on the current wallpaper trend.

I have quite a selection of vintage crockery at home and sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new, interesting ways to display and make the most of it. My boyfriend’s mum has done this with hers – plant them with bulbs, ready for the spring. I really wanted to take one home with me but wasn’t sure if it would survive the Norwich-Bristol train!

What’s been inspiring you recently?


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