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Inspiration: Five ways with doilies

I’ve noticed doilies are having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now – they seem to be constantly popping up on blogs and Pinterest boards!

The intricacies of the lace patterns can be so beautiful, and they look great when you group a whole bunch of different-sized ones together. So I’ve gathered a few of my favourite projects from Pinterest and elsewhere – take a look, and add any favourites of your own in the comments!


This table runner is absolutely gorgeous – the variety in shapes, sizes and patterns works really well. I’d love to see it underneath some big vases of flowers and chintzy china, My Sarah has a doily table runner tutorial over on her blog if you fancy giving it a go!


I found this one over on the wonderful Seeds and Stitches blog – a doily garland! Love the contrast with the wall art behind it too.


A variation on the doily garland – would look sweet in a kitchen.


Pretty, and so so easy – starch a doily and wrap it round a bowl. then fill with nibbles when you have guests! I wouldn’t use it on top of the doily table runner though – that would be slight overkill!



I’ve seen this beauty doing the rounds a bit recently – I have a friend who made this and she struggled a bit to keep all the doilies smooth and uncrumpled, so be careful when trying it out at home.



  1. Thanks for the pingback! I saw those doily lampshades as well – really want to give them a go! I’ve got loads of doilies left over from my table runner project and am thinking intricate lace earrings would look quite cool…Doilies for the win!

    • No worries! I’ve been thinking a top or even a whole dress made out of doilies would be cool… sew loads together then cut the pattern out of it… a short, loose doily shift dress would be lush!

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