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Lionheart: Gorgeous independent magazine from Bristol

You may have heard some buzz on Twitter and various blogs about Lionheart magazine, an independently-produced quarterly publication created by Bristol-based writer Helen Martin.

I’ve been meaning to blog about Lionheart for a while, because if there are two things I’m passionate about it’s independent publishing (especially of the beautiful, tangible magazine variety) and supporting Bristol’s amazing creative talent!

Only a couple of years ago it felt like the death knell was really tolling for indie mags – as well as the online competition that’s hit the whole of the media hard, the closure of Borders in the UK meant that a major retail outlet was lost. So it’s great to see them having something of a resurgence – titles such as Little White Lies, Oh Comely and Wrap have all been enjoying some well-documented success.

It’s interesting that so many magazines seem to actually been thriving due to the thing that was meant to kill them off – the internet. There will always be people who appreciate holding something tactile, containing exquisite design, photography and writing, and the web and social media means publishers no longer have to rely on the newsstand to attract them. So even though Lionheart’s based in the same city as me, I found out about it on Twitter.

Independent mags also seem to use blogs as a starting point for their content, unlike many of the mainstream women’s titles which still can’t seem to decide whether they should be viewing them as friends or foes. For instance, Lionheart no.2 features Lou of Little Green Shed and Kimberlee of The Homemade Mama, and issue 1 featured an interview with one of my favourite bloggers, Bleubird‘s Miss James.

Another stand-out feature for me is Seven Steps to Sainthood, a first-person piece in which the author details her efforts to become a kinder person. It’s interesting, thoughtful articles like this that so many women feel are lacking from the usual WH Smith magazine rack. Plus, Helen also has a really good eye and Lionheart is packed full of gorgeous illustrations, and her style and homeware picks are fab.

According to Twitter, Helen’s now working on issue 3 – and I’m pretty excited to see what she comes up with next!



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