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Made by Mother Eagle: Incredible embroidered art and jewellery

I’ve been a fan of Katie aka Mother Eagle’s work for a while now after featuring one of her pendants in CrossStitcher, so was really excited when she got in touch to tell me about the launch of her new website.

As you can see, her incredibly detailed embroidered art is something of a wonder to behold. Each one takes hours of painstaking work and many of the stitches are smaller than 1mm. It makes my eyes ache just thinking about it!

I’m kind of in love with this anatomical heart pendant. At £79 it’s not the cheapest, but Katie has written a really interesting blog post on the effort that goes into making every single piece of jewellery and just how she works out her pricing. I recommend you give it a read – some food for though there.

Also, I know the words ‘investment piece’ are always bandied about in the fash mags even when they’re just talking about some ugly handbag, but Katie’s jewellery really has the potential to become vintage heirlooms of the future – I’m sure you would treasure a piece for years before handing it down to your nearest and dearest. So yes, these are actual investment pieces – not like the handbag you’ll be bored of in two years time.

Katie also makes vintage lace doilies into one-off pieces of embroidered art. I love the pop-goth, Tim Burton-esque feel of her body parts designs, too – just the right amount of darkness without verging into teenage angst territory.

Anyone fancy buying me an early Christmas pressie?


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