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Inspirations: Invasion of the body snatchers

So who’s excited about Halloween? I know some people get kind of cranky about the fact Halloween is such a BIG DEAL these days in a really commercial, Americanised, another-excuse-for-Tesco-to-make-even-more-money type way. But – at the risk of sounding all ‘I liked it before it was cool’ – I have a particular fondness for Halloween as it was was always one of my favourite events when I was a kid. Perhaps birthdays and Christmas had the edge due to the addition of presents, but I absolutely loved everything freaky and ghoulish and the excuse to dress up as something really really scary. Every year I would try and persuade my mum to deck the house out like a Satan’s cave of horrors in the run up to the big day. Every year she said no.

Plus, the other great thing about Halloween is that it gives us a fun distraction from the fact that summer is now over and months and months of darkness and drizzle await us. By the way, we really need to have some kind of big festivity around early February to get us through that long stretch of grey nothingness – at least, something that isn’t Valentine’s day.

Anyway. As the day of pumpkins and pranks is drawing ever nearer, I thought this inspiration gallery should have a bit of a spooky feel. So how fitting that I seem to have noticed a number of body parts homewares whilst browsing the holy trinity of blogs, Pinterest and Twitter.

This pair of hands is by Tim Lahan. There’s something indescribably creepy about the way those wibbly wobbly fingers are clasped together. They look like they could belong to an EVIL VILLAIN, sitting there stroking his knuckles as he plots his plans of wickedness. Found via Pinterest.

Eyeballs are a pretty standard Halloween classic, right? This one, by Kuhn Keramik, has a good dose of the creep factor but is also strangely beautiful. I dare you to resist staring into it while sipping your tea. Via Pinterest.

Ok, so maybe this one doesn’t scream ‘Halloween’ at first. They’re actually quite cute. But I’m imagining them in my head to be…. severed head pot planters! Spotted on DesignLoveFest.

Happy Halloween!


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