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Fighting off the dreaded lurgy: Tasty and healthy winter recipes

Bleugh! There are some nasty germs going around at the moment – I’ve had two housemates and roughly half an office suffering from one thing or another over the past few weeks. I’ve been attempting to stave off the curse by filling myself up with as much tasty fruit and veg as possible – I highly recommend this delectable super salmon with kale and sweet potato salad from You Make Me Swoon for a massive vitamin injection. Kale is jam-packed with good stuff, and we’re pretty lucky that it’s in season in the UK throughout the winter too. Plus the chilli and ginger marinade will warm you right up!

Have you noticed how everyone starts to go soup crazy this time of year too? I’m such a huge fan of the runny stuff – it’s tasty, cheap and healthy, and a massive vat can last you all week. Broccoli and Stilton is an old favourite, and I’ve also been enjoying trying out new recipes using seasonal produce – Hugh’s beetroot and feta creation and this spooky curried pumpkin have made lunchtimes particularly enjoyable.

Talking of curried pumpkin, I’m thinking about serving some friends this dish later this week… healthy AND autumnal!

Do you have any favourite Autumn veg dishes?



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