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How to make stitched greeting cards

Finished card

If you’re organised you’ll probably have made and posted all your Christmas cards by now. If, however, pesky old life has managed to get in the way of things, here’s an easy way to create some unusual handmade greetings.

Stitching on card is way easier than it looks, and you can create some really unexpected textures and effects with it. I used yarn for a bold, chunky effect, but you can experiment using whatever kind of thread you want.

I initially turned to this tutorial from CrossStitcher for guidance, but I’ll show you below exactly how I adapted it. If you’ve already sent your cards this year, why not use the idea to make gift tags instead? Or perhaps add it to Pinterest to use in other projects throughout 2012 – there’s nothing to stop you stitching birthday and Valentine’s greetings, or experimenting on other card-based surfaces such as notebook covers. Let your imagination go wild!

Card first step

First of all take your design and attach to your card. Place some kind of cushion under the card – a few layers of fabric or felt will do. Then get a needle, and carefully make holes all along the lines of your design. Make sure they are big enough for your chosen thread to pass through – I created the initial hole with a sharp embroidery needle, then widened it out with a plastic yarn needle.

Also, as I struggle to even drawn stick men, I used this free Christmas tree template – if you are using a design that isn’t your own, please be ethical and ensure that the designer is happy for you to do so!

stitching card

Once you’ve finished, thread your needle and stitch in backstitch along your lines of holes. Your thread might look a bit messy on the back, so feel free to cut a piece of card to size and glue it over the inside front cover for a neater look. I then added a few sparkly bits and pieces to finish off.

What have you been making this festive period?


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