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Berlin I love you





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I’m a bit hesitant to say how great Berlin is because everyone’s already heard how great it is. We’ve all witnessed our friends disappear off for long weekends, reemerging wide-eyed spouting multicoloured tales of 24-hour techno binges. ‘Oh, I love Berlin,’ was all anyone said to me when I told them about my upcoming trip. ‘Oh, it’s my favourite city’. ‘Oh, you’re going to have an amazing time.’

But still, Berlin hit me. I was fully expecting to love it, yet it still managed to move me in a way that took me completely by surprise. It’s a city that feels utterly free, yet beautifully orderly at the same time. It’s ‘cool’, obviously, but not in an aggressive, overly-forced way, unlike – dare I say it – parts of East London. And of course, it’s a city that’s had its heart broken, and you can still feel the sadness buried deep within its streets. I felt strangely as home there; as if we’d created another life for ourselves for a brief six days.

Berlin, I love you and I can’t wait to come back.

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