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How to make mornings suck slightly less

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I’ve written about my aversion to the mornings before. I’m just not one of those people who naturally springs out of bed, ready to seize the day. All I want to seize is my duvet – again – so I can clamber right back under it.

However, I’ve recently got a few tactics nailed down now that, for me, manage to slightly ease the inferno of pain and self-loathing that is waking up. Of course they won’t work for everyone, but if you’re a fellow night owl and snooze button lover they might just make your pre-10am life a leeeeeetle bit easier. If you’re one of those annoying people who jump out of bed at 6am, go for a run and (probably) sing to the birds, then go away because this isn’t for you and you don’t need it (PS. I hate you).

1. Don’t set an alarm

Now I know this might seem counter-productive – how am I ever supposed to get out of bed without a raging noise to force me?! But trust me, alarms are evil. They were forged in the flames of hell by the devil himself (I think). If you get to bed on time, you can train yourself to wake up without one. It eases you into the world of the waking far more gently, and won’t get stuck in the snooze-wake-snooze-wake-snooze-wake-ARGGHHH trap ever again.

2. No screens after 10pm

You’ve probably heard this one before as it’s constantly trotted out in all those ‘How to sleep better/ rise earlier/ be a better person’ articles. But that’s because it’s true! I used to read on the Kindle app on my iPad before bed, and once I switched back to good old-fashioned paperbacks I really noticed the difference. Plus you won’t get sucked into that ‘Oh I’ll just look at this, maybe I’ll search for this… SHIT it’s 2am’ trap (been there).

3. Try writing before bed

Related to number two. I’m enjoying doing a bit of free writing before bed at the moment – as well as getting me away from everything electronic, it helps get out all those thoughts and anxieties that can often appear at night and interrupt your sleep. It also seems to make me drift off to sleep… I’m hoping that’s not because my writing’s so boring.

4. Pick your outfit the night before

I used to think this sounded a bit control freak-y and Stepford Wife-y, but it really helps! It gives you one less thing to fuss over in the morning, and also stops you from feeling a bit ‘meh’ all day cos you only had time to grab the first thing you saw.

5. And finally…

Don’t beat yourself up if it all goes wrong You woke up late. It’s ok. No one died. Just get on with your day and being a total badass like always.

Image by Jake Givens via Unsplash

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