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Four days in Jaipur, India






After my time in Kerala I hopped on a plane up to Delhi – a huge, hectic, mess of a city, and a shock to the system after the serenity of the backwaters. I was out of there on a train to Jaipur quicker than you can wolf down a chipati.

Jaipur, also know as ‘the pink city’, is the third point on the so-called ‘golden triangle’ tourist trail, along with Delhi and Agra. Despite its beauty, India managed to get the better of me in Jaipur – I was frazzled and weary, lacking the energy needed to successfully deal with touts and wannabe rip-off merchants, and every trip down the street felt like an assault course as I dodged cars, animals, motorbikes and ever-curious locals. I’ve never felt in such a constant state of flight or fight while just trying to go about my day.

I know every visitor to India gets pushed to the limit at some point, and I guess Jaipur was the point where it happened for me. But still, I managed to get out and see some of the main (and very beautiful) tourist sites.

Jaipur-amber-fort-viewThis is the view from Amber Fort, just outside the city.

Jaipur-amber-fort-coloursInside Amber Fort. The amount of amazing colour, everywhere, is one of the most striking features of India – just look at those saris.

Jaipur-amber-fort-selfieIndian domestic tourists love posing for and taking pictures!

Jaipur-monkeys-loadsThe atmospheric monkey temple. They may look cute but these little critters were actually pretty vicious. Make sure you visit with a local who the monkeys recognise as dominant.

Jaipur-monkey-cow-2It’s easy to feed them when you’re with a guide, but try without and you’ll get a nasty set of monkey gnashers bared right at you!

Jaipur-rooftops-2A glimpse of the city below as we climbed the monkey temple.

Jaipur-hutsThere’s no escaping the harsh realities of life in India – even outside a beautiful tourist attraction.

Jaipur-familiesThe water palace. This place was stunning – it appeared to actually glow in the sunlight.

Jaipur-stallsA street food shacks scene. So. Much. Colour.

Jaipur, you may have worn me out, but your energy, vibrancy and lifeforce is unbeatable.

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